2 Home Diet Food Recipes

The success of dietary program is determined by the Diet food menu that we consume. Often we come across a failed diet program due to the consumption of unhealthy and unbalanced food. The main factor of the Diet menu compiler is the choice of effective ingredients to lose weight. Nutritious beverages are also beneficial in giving a lot of fiber. How to make and mix and match these materials is not difficult. Just need a little time to cook it. These menus are perfect as a delicious diet food recipe at home. The following review will make you interested in trying it.

2 Home Diet Food Recipes
2 Home Diet Food Recipes

Diet Recipes Breakfast Diet Menu

Setting up a diet breakfast menu is not difficult. Even some menus can be presented within 15 minutes. Well here are some menus that you can try.

1. Oat Fried Rice

If usually fried rice made from rice, this time you can replace it with oats. As we know oats or wheat rich will nutritional value. Even the fibre in the oats is capable of filling the stomach for a long time. No wonder if oat is always reliable to support the diet.


-10 tablespoons of oats 
-1 egg 
-2 cloves of shallot, white puree
-1/2 bks Pepper
-Soy sauce is as good as
-2 Chili Peppers

How to make:

Stir fry without water with a small flame, and stir until you smell the oats will be a bit crispy. Then add water a little until the oats agglomerate. Then start frying spices fine until yellow. Put oat and stir until evenly. Don't forget to add sweet soy sauce and salt and flavourings. In addition, you can also add vegetables, slices of sausages or eggs.

2. Steamed eggs

The next diet breakfast Menu is steamed eggs. If you are usually boiled or fry this time you can process them in a steamed way. As we know, a lot of important nutrients found in eggs and can provide many health benefits especially while undergoing a diet program. Well, to make a menu of steamed eggs you can prepare some of its ingredients like.


-1/2 chopped carrot chop
-2 chicken eggs
-4 Chili Peppers 
-1/2 Tomatoes
-Sufficient celery
-Pepper to taste
-Salt to taste
-1/2 flavoring Seasoning

How to make:

Put a variety of vegetables such as carrots, scallion, egg, tomato, celery into a bowl. Stir until evenly with all ingredients, then put pepper, flavoring, salt. After all the ingredients have been mixed, it is time to steam the dough until cooked for 10-20 minutes. Steamed Egg Menu is not only practical but also calorie free so it can help your diet program.

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