5 Nutritious food recipes for children

The hard-to-eat children certainly often make you overwhelmed to face it. In fact, children need balanced nutritional intake to support the growth of its developers. Therefore, nutritious food for children must have an attractive look and taste delicious. To keep your heart, you want to eat it.

5 Nutritious food recipes for children
5 Nutritious food recipes for children

Nutritious Food Ingredients

Nutritious food creations for children should contain food ingredients that are balanced nutrient types. You need to know a variety of nutritious food ingredients for your child to easily make a variety of healthy foods:

Various sources of carbohydrates, such as rice, tubers, corn, oatmeal, sago, and wheat.
Multicolored vegetables and shapes, especially those that are concentrated in green and red.
Fresh fruits.
The source of animal protein in the form of meat, poultry, various types of fish, and derivative products.
The source of animal protein in the form of legumes and derivative products.
Cow's milk, soy milk, and other types of milk.
In addition to the various ingredients, you can also get a nutritional intake of the multipurpose Blue Band margarine, because this margarine is enriched with the content of vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and Omega 3 and 6. Making cooking Creations is more practical if you rely on the versatile Blue Band margarine as one of the basic ingredients.

5 Nutritious food recipes for children

Making a variety of nutritious food for a child is actually not as difficult as you imagined. The following five food recipes will certainly inspire you to more enterprising at home:

1. Korean style Egg Roll

This one Menu actually resembles an omelet. However, the Korean-style egg roll was formed with a rolling technique so that the texture was thicker. You can also add various other nutritious ingredients such as carrots and scallion to the egg roll dough. In addition to the match with rice, Korean egg roll is also delicious used as a snack.

2. Beef and Egg filling Burger

If you like practical dishes, you can make meat and egg burgers. In addition to using bacon and eggs, don't forget to add lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Not only does it enrich the taste of burgers, the complementary ingredients will also enhance the nutritional value of your homemade burgers.

3. Potato Casserole

Nutritious food for the filling child is not always identical with rice. You can also create potato casserole creations as other options. How to make potato casserole is not difficult. The ingredients are also easily obtained, namely potatoes, liquid milk, ground meats, tomatoes, and cheese grater. Don't forget to use versatile Blue Band margarine to enhance the texture and taste of the potato casserole. So the potato casserole creations increasingly tempting for the little ones.

4. Sausage Roll Noodle

The fruits of your heart will be pleased when you can eat noodle rolls. The creation of this sausage menu is perfect for children with less appetite. Intake of carbohydrates can be obtained from noodles. While protein intake is found in sausages. The noodle Menu is suitable for breakfast, snack, or special lunch.

5. Tuna Sandwich

Do not forget that the nutrient intake that comes from fish is also important for the little ones. If you want to serve a practical menu based on fish, tuna sandwich can be your choice. Tuna meat contains proteins, omega 3, vitamins, and minerals that are good for children. Complete the sandwiches with other fillings such as cow's eggs, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato, so that your homemade tuna sandwich is increasingly nutritious and delicious.

You will certainly be increasingly motivated to make nutritious food for children. The more you make special creations at home, the more you are sure to cook.

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