Coconut water is healthy, but danger if drunk too much

In addition to its refreshing taste, coconut water is touted as a good drink for health. He said, coconut water efficacious to smooth digestion to boost the body's immunity. Indeed, the hell, coconut water is many benefits, but if drinking too much is precisely a backfire and health hazards. So, what are the side effects that can arise if drinking too much coconut water and often?

Coconut water is healthy, but danger if drunk too much
Coconut water is healthy, but danger if drunk too much

Side effects of drinking too much coconut water

The content of potassium that is in coconut water that you must beware because it can cause certain side effects.

Coconut water is 10 times more potassium than sports beverages in general. As a description, 236 ml of coconut water can be equated with potassium on a banana fruit.

If you drink too much coconut milk, chances are there are side effects waiting for you, such as hyperkalemia. The impact of drinking excessive coconut water has been demonstrated in a study reviewing a case titled Death by Coconut.

Case studies that have been published in Circulation this reveal drinking too much coconut water can be quite fatal consequently.

In this research, there is a healthy man aged 42 years old is known to suddenly have a high level of potassium after playing field tennis and consuming coconut water. 

The high level of potassium makes itself faint and the heart beats abnormally. After further investigation, apparently after exercising under the sun's rays, he drank as many as 8 glasses of coconut water throughout the day. Each glass measuring about 325 milliliters, so that it drank the coconut water at that time as much as 2600 milliliters.

Shortly after he drank coconut water and finished his sport, he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital because his condition was not stable enough because of his body warm, abnormal heartbeat, and the blood pressure was quite low.

Usut had a usut, the amount of coconut water that the man had drinking per degree contained 690 milligrams of potassium. So if the potassium is taken into his body at that time is about 5,520 milligrams. 

The amount is much more of a daily need for adult potassium which only needs as much as 4700 mg per day. Therefore, too often drinking coconut water is not good if it exceeds your daily standard of potassium needs.

Impact if too much potassium levels in the body

If you drink too much coconut water and eventually affect the potassium levels in the body, you will experience some symptoms such as:

Stomach pain
Breathless Breath
Cold Sweat
Feeling dizzy Suddenly
Experiencing pressure and pain in the chest and arms
The effect of potassium on coconut water can affect your muscle work. Well, the most severe complication of excess potassium is heart disorders, as has been described in previous studies.

Even this habit can increase the chances of heart attack. If you experience any heart attack symptoms, immediately contact the nearest hospital or ask the people around to take you.

Another impact of drinking too much coconut water
In addition to hyperkalemia, there are still other side effects of drinking coconut water too often, such as increasing the risk of obesity and stomach cancer. Well, both diseases arise due to sodium and sugar content in coconut water.

1. Sodium content

In a glass (250cc) of coconut water, there are 252 mg of sodium that has already spent an allowance of 17% of your daily sodium intake. If you consume at least 2 bottles of 500cc (1 liter), of course it has fulfilled 70% of your daily sodium needs on that day.

If you drink coconut water that contains a lot of sodium, there are some risks that you can experience, such as:

Improving blood pressure
Risk of stomach cancer

2. Sugar content

If viewed from the sugar content, coconut water contains 6 gr of sugars per portion, it also has not been mixed with sugar additives. Well, drinking coconut water too often can increase your daily sugar intake. 

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the drinks are not filling such as ordinary food. Therefore, side effects of drinking water too often is increasing your chances of getting obese.

Essentially, the effect of drinking too often coconut water should not be ignored. Different types of health disorders can arise when you consume them excessively. Therefore, make it a habit to limit your consumption of coconut water in order not to happen unwanted things.

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