Healthy food for pregnant women 7-9 months

Entering the 7th month, all infant limbs are already formed. Expectant mothers need to be extra cautious because babies can be born as premature babies. Healthy food for expectant mothers in the last trimester continues to be kept sufficient, because the development of babies at this time is very rapid.

Healthy food for pregnant women 7-9 months
Healthy food for pregnant women 7-9 months

When in the second trimester it requires an additional calorie of about 350 calories per day, in the last trimester it takes an additional approximately 450 calories per day.

Omega 3 and calcium: healthy food for pregnant women
Make sure the Omega 3 continues to be consumed at this time, because the 7th month until the baby is born, the brain continues to grow rapidly. Similarly, calcium consumption should continue to be monitored enough daily.

In arranging a healthy food menu for pregnant women, paste foods containing omega 3 and calcium in several meals so that they can be consumed in adequate quantities.

Yogurt to overcome constipation

Constipation or hard bowel movements are common things that often occur in pregnant women. In pregnancy 7 months onwards, constipation is getting worse because our digestive system is depressed by an increasingly large stomach.

In addition to fruits, yogurt is a recommended meal during pregnancy as it can help reduce constipation. Eat yogurt daily because it can facilitate defecation and many contain calcium. Moreover drink water and frequent breaks walk.

Drink milk before bed

Nowadays your stomach has grown, so it often has trouble sleeping. Sleeping in a sloping position can help to reduce discomfort in the abdomen and chest area. In addition, drink milk before bedtime so that the body feels more relaxed and easier to fall asleep.

Food to avoid antacids

Heartburn is a sense of heat or sore in the stomach. This condition is a common thing that pregnant women experience when the stomach is enlarged.

To minimize it, avoid overly spicy or overly acidic food, chocolate, coffee, and papaya consumption. Papaya contains substances that can reduce heartburn. Later when the baby is born, papaya can also multiply breast milk.

Eat little by little

Healthy food for cadre is a lot of stuff, but eat little by little. When all eaten in many servings, will add to the discomfort of the stomach and stomach. Turn slowly until thoroughly melted before being swallowed.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is needed for newborns as well as for the body of expectant mothers, where this vitamin plays an important role for blood clotting. This nutrient is widely found in leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Make sure green vegetables are always on the menu of pregnant mothers.

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